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  • Index of Documents in Database: Here you can peruse Primary Documents Related to Water Infrastructure in California
  • You can use the simple search in the upper right corner of this page
  • Alternatively you can use an advanced word search to find specific documents of interest


Notes on searching:

The default search is a simple Boolean search with a default "and". So if you put in the search term:

 water rights

It will find all documents that have both of those words in them, but not necessarily as a phrase.

If you want to find anything with the phrase "water rights" you would need to put the phrase in quotes. So searching for:

 "water rights" 

will give you every document with that as a phrase. 

You can also do more advanced searches like:

 "water rights" and not nevada

to find all documents containing the phrase "water rights" but not the word "nevada".

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